Stammering cure courses

classroom therapy: (100% Guaranty of complete cure)

Duration: 30 days
then 12 months online support
100% guaranty for complete cure

Fee: Rs.45500/- 
fee including Therapy + Stay + Food + Medicines + Online support

Basic classroom session:

Duration: 7 days
Fee: Rs.5500/- (Medicine cost will be extra) 
+ Rs.2000/- for food and stay (If you want)
+ Rs.2000/- for 3 months online support (If you want)

Complete Online therapy:

If you are not able to come at center then you can join this online therapy.

Duration: till complete cure

Complete therapy through Whats App audios and videos, as per need we discuss on phone or video calling.

Fee: Rs.15500/- 

Basic online therapy:

If your problems are just about fear and hesitation then this basic online therapy is enough. 

Duration: 3 months
Fee: Rs.3500/- 

Select your therapy type and write us / call us - 

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